Service Rates

Prices do not include tax

*A half hour minimum charge is applied to all work

**Hardware and software purchased at Iglutek is installed free of charge

Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are extensively trained to be able to diagnose and solve all kinds of computer problems. The fact is technology is not always perfect and when something happens, Iglutek Computers is a great place to go. With our friendly staff and competitive rates we are sure you will be more than pleased with the service you receive. No problem is too big or too small for our technicians! Our experienced staff have a wealth of knowledge and skills, and their mission is to help you get the most benefit from your technology investments, now and in the future. Whether its your home PC or critical systems that go down, we can get you going again.

Best of all, Iglutek works with you at the level you need. If you are a computer novice that needs help with everything, or a seasoned PC veteran who just doesn't have the time to deal with it yourself, we will tailor our home and office computer services to meet your needs.

We're also happy to help you keep your small business or IT environment running smoothly, too.

Adware & Spyware

Tired of adware and spyware slowing down your computer?

Have PC Viruses or Malware taken over your computer?

Is your computer so slow that you can make a cup of coffee just waiting for it to boot up?

We can help!

Our qualified staff can tune up your PC and have it running like new!

Just give us a call!

Last updated June 01, 2011.